Deviare COM Spy Console is out!

Today we have released a console for monitoring and spying on applications using Microsoft’s Component Object Model. This technology is used in many professional applications and now you are able to watch them in action too!

Deviare’s last integration is the ability to intercept COM interfaces. Using this technology and heuristics to discover this interfaces, the console lets you see which interfaces are being used by an application, and how they made their calls.

Here is an example monitoring the Windows Live Messenger:

As you have seen, we found the instantiation of IwebBrowser2. Since we don’t know what we want to see yet, we hooked every member except IDispatch (not necessary here). Then, the console printed calls for Navigate2 (among others), and we could see where the little browser at the bottom of messenger was getting its Adverts from.

The console is open source, so feel free to contribute on it. In this first release, it contains only one method to discover the creation of interfaces, but many others may be added. Go chase them ;).

Download Deviare COM Spy Console

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