About Nektra

At Nektra Advanced Computing, we strive to solve the world’s most challenging technical issues by leveraging deep systems internal insights and knowledge to create specialized software solutions.

Company Overview
Founded in 2003, Nektra Advanced Computing is a privately-held software development company focused on advanced technology services and custom solutions. We specialize in custom development within the areas of computer security, legacy application integration, Microsoft Windows Internals and advanced software development, with customers that span over 30 different countries and include several Fortune 500 companies. Our core strengths lie in our proven problem solving skills for, and expert technical knowledge in, diverse platforms ranging from system internals to heterogeneous system integration.

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  1. Hi,

    My main goal is to create a method to update different
    virus application definitions at end points. I tried to check OPSWAT API, My ambition is to create an
    application or service that I can identify the type of anti-virus
    software on the end point and eventually update station virus

    Can you please kindly point for me on which API sections I need to concentrate in order to achieve my goals.


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