Removing the “On Behalf Of” Message from Outlook

Microsoft Outlook users who want to prevent Outlook from showing “X on behalf of Y” to the recipient can download our free Outlook add-on here, uncompress it, and run the setup.exe application.

Microsoft Outlook users who want to send e-mails from different e-mail addresses have to configure each account separately with their respective e-mail services configuration. If these e-mail addresses are really just forwarding addresses this is overkill. Some e-mail clients, like Mozilla Thunderbird, use “identities” for this purpose, while Microsoft Outlook offers an inadequate solution. In Outlook users can enable the selection of the e-mail address from which the e-mail will be sent (Options/Show From in the compose window) but the recipient is notified of the original account. For example, if chooses to send their e-mail as the recipient will see the message “ on behalf of”. This is annoying because users who represent more than one organization or hold more than one position prefer to show only one e-mail address.

Our Outlook add-on is simple to use. It adds an “activate” state button in the compose window in the “on behalf remover” ribbon. If this option is selected recipients will not see the “on behalf of” message.

There are two caveats:

  1. Although e-mails are not received as “on behalf of” if the recipient inspects the e-mail headers internally it includes two e-mails in the “from” header and the same two in the “sender” header. This reveals the original account from which it was sent. If this is an issue you can use a default generic account like to hide it.
  2. This plugin works for sending e-mails via an SMTP server. Microsoft Exchange uses a different protocol.
  3. The add-in is not currently handling appointments. If you need this option just drop us a line in the comments.

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  • Gareth

    Does this support Outlook 2003?

    • Can you try it on your side? we’ve not tested it on Outlook 2003.

  • sarag

    doesn’t work

    • Can you describe your environment? (Outlook version + Operating System)

      • sarag

        Outlook 2007 / Windows 7. I get a message under the managed add-ins: the managed add-in loader failed to initialize. It remains in my inactive list of add-ins.

        • Do you have other add-ons installed?

          • sarag

            yes, looks about 8 other add-ons already active

          • Can you list them here and try loading our extension with all of them disabled?

          • sarag

            Export to Mindjet MindManager
            Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging
            Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Colleague Import
            Micorsoft Outlook Mobile Service
            Mindjet MindManager Topic Alert
            Norton AntiSpam Outlook
            Redemption Helper
            Windows Search Email Indexer

            ok.. will try.

          • sarag

            It still doesn’t work. same result.

          • Our QA team will schedule a quick test for next week and we will give you the results. If it is a commercial requirement you can contact us for specific services at

          • sarag

            doesn’t work still

          • sarag

            Are you there??

            is the ‘add-in’ file – is this correct?

  • Air user


    is there a plug-in for OSX? Outlook for Mac 2011?

  • Opa114

    does this work with office 2013?

  • Pedro

    It installs OK for me but doesnt remove the “on behalf of” on the messages I send. I tried deactivating and activating it back but still doesnt work.

    • Matias Palomera

      Are you using gmail accounts? We noticed that gmail does not let modify “from” account

      • Pedro

        Yeah, it is on a gmail account :/

  • njw

    Brilliant! Thanks so much for this. Works in my Outlook 2007.

    Am interested to know whether you think the email may be more likely to get rejected as spam with the way the “From” and “Sender” emails are setup.

    Also as one of the main reasons for using an alternative email address is to protect your main email address from email address harvester viruses that may be on the recipient’s PC, do you think these viruses could get your real email address from the headers. If so it defeats the purpose really.

    • njw

      oops – spoke too soon. It works, but I have to click on the “activate” button each time. Even though it is in the “activate” state it doesn’t work unless I click to deactivate and then activate again for each message I send. Still useful though,

  • Andrew

    works great for me to send on behalf of someone, but when person replies it still comes to the original person who sent the mail. doesn’t send the mail back to the person who you’re trying to send as

    • It was added as a desired feature. Right now we are not planning a new release of the add-on in the short term but you will be notified if there is a new one.

  • Upon clicking the download link I got a warning saying that the site ahead contains harmful programs – anyone else get this or have issues – I’m hesitant to proceed as a result of this browser warning…

  • DC

    I’m using the on behalf removal since a long time with Outlook 2016 both on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

    I’ve just installed a new WIndows 10 computer with Outlook 2016 and it’s not working despite several tries.
    The onbehalf remains in the sender field.

    Some idea ?
    Thank you for your help.